Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Section Command

Section Command was borne out of necessity.  The Political Officers were already aboard the UTN Fleet and were instrumental in their many victories.  However they failed when they crash landed on Eave.  In the early years they were as fractured as the petty warlords that split up and threatened the fledging state.  With the coming of the Church of Man they were basically hamstrung and no longer needed.  Remus Coviso saw that the Church of Man was gaining in secret power.  When Tullson II convened power and pulled all the fractured nations together, Remus proposed to reinstate all the Political Officers and to teach the youths of Tulath.  He proposed to have a system of schools and with the schools the political system of the new Empire could be taught and learned and reinforced.  There has been many births since the crash and there was still no way to teach them, so Tullson II agreed.  The youths of Tulath were forced to go to school and with that were then exposed to all the propaganda the state could throw at them.

Section Command was born then.  Slowly Remus started to build his command.  They needed spies internally, so Section 3 was born.  When Danaan was found, Section 4 was founded.  They are a vast network of information.  They let the Emperor know of their existence only when it suits them and they have eliminated certain Emperors to allow others to take his place.  They are loyal to their Nation and not to the man, despite what the propaganda machine may turn out.

  • Section Zero: Section Command leaders.  It consists of the Duchess and the lead for each of the Sections.
  • Section 1: Propaganda.  The largest propaganda machine on Eave and they work for the Duchess Coviso.  Their front is a publicity and marketing company.  They secretly work on forming, organizing and implementing propaganda in the Empire.  It was Section 1’s idea to allow the an assassination attempt on the Empress and Section 5’s job to see that she was never in any real danger.
  • Section 2: The Teachers.  The Teachers look for those student of special worth and slot them for possible recruitment.  Not all of the teachers are members of Section Command but you can bet there are at least one in every large school. 
  • Section 3: Internal Security, the secret police.  They just report what they find, they don’t do anything else to make sure that they aren’t found and Section isn’t compromised.  They have infiltrated the Church of Man and know about the secret vaults, but have yet accessed them.
  • Section 4: External Security, the spies.  By mandate, they are not allowed to spy on the Empire of Tulath itself.  They currently have at least twenty spies in the Northern Kingdom.
  • Section 5: Special Forces.  Made up of Spartans and non-Spartans alike, they are very dangerous force.  If they do their job right, you don’t even know that they are there.  They are there to eliminate those factions that are too dangerous to let live, but too public to let die senselessly.  They are masters of that “accident.”
  • The Political Officers.  Political Officers (or Commissars) are publically known not as part of the Section Command but as part of any large, non-Spartan unit.  They are all part of Section Command however and keep the loyalty of the troops in line.  The lead Commissars know of Section Command.
  • Section X: Experimental.  They make and experiment everything that the Section may need from weapons to gadgets.  What they are currently working on is rather unsettling as they take prisoners and experiment on them.  They are trying to create bio-weapons that target the eladrin!  They are also working on the nature of magic.  They have come up with some technological items that negate the magic fields that they produce.