Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rules of Eave: Skills

I didn’t want to change or add a bunch of skills to the game of FATE as the system is already beautiful in its simplicity.  I did have to make some changes to the skills list and I may have to make some more to finalize the list.

Here is what I have added and made changes to:
  • Lore: ancient, and Lore: science.  I had to divide these two skills up.  Ancient Lore is having to deal with the knowledge of Eave and all its inhabitants.  Ancient Lore is the skill that all the arcane users whether they be human or eladin use to be able to cast their spells.  The Science Lore has to do with the sciences that the humans have brought forth from physics to mechanical engineering. 
  • Operate is the skill that humans would have to use to operate their tanks, walkers, exo-suits and mechs.
  • Pilot is the skill that has to be used to for all trains, airships and boats.
  • Provoke is used as normal but in additions it is the skill the goblin shamans use to cast their spells as they have to bully the spirits of Eave to do their bidding.
  • Ride has been divvied up between riding either land or air mounts.
  • Shooting has been divvied up between ancient and modern weapons.