Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Kingdom of Danaan, Part I

Danaan is a bucolic nation of generally good and hardworking people.  Descendants of the Earth Fleet that crash landed on Eave it took them a great long while to gather their forces together and make the best of the world.  It all started with their main Battlecruiser Danaan crashed into a large lake at the base of a plateau.  Many of the crew were forced to evacuate the ship and the eladrin of Hanali collected them all.  The ship’s captain, Admiral Markan Andahar was surprised to see a boat come out greet them.  A single eladrin armed with only a slender sword and a bow, was on the boat that seemed to glide in the water without any means of propulsion.  They were both rather fearful of each other, but curious as well.  Admiral Andahar was surprised to see a somewhat intelligent being, seeing as how in orbit, nothing technological was found.  Tovar of the Hanli was surprised to see these humans that dropped from the heavens.  It was tense at first, until Tovar cast a spell that allowed them to communicate with each other.  They say that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic and for all their advanced technology Admiral Andahar and his crew could not figure out how Tovar could do that.  When he asked, he just said it was a simple spell.  Magic.  Needless to say that Admiral Andahar unsure about what to do, but the decision was taken from his hands.

The eladrin had just found out how evil the human were.  Prince Elaor and the Aragoi was just slain by the humans of Tulath.  Suddenly the flight deck where the parlay was being held was filled with eladrin, all armed and armored.  Overhead flew an eladrin airship borne aloft by magic.  It seems that they were all invisible, the humans only getting a glimmer of some weird energy from their sensors.  It became tense as they faced off against one another as more humans came out including a mech.  They came to extract their prince and Admiral Andahar stopped his people from firing.

The next couple of years were intense.  Danaan was slowly collecting there people that was scattered across the land.  They eladrin found many of them and returned them.  The eladrin found out that they were two separate forces of the human that fought in the stars and that the ones from the Earth Ship Danaan was not aligned with them.  Eventually the elves seeded them the plateaus, seeing as how the humans could not leave their world.

Tir was the name of the lake that the Earth Ship Danaan landed in.  Danaan Tir soon became the capitol of the Kingdom of Danaan.  Soon they shot out and claimed other plateaus after they developed the airships.  They began to map out this world which they had taking a more and more feudal aspect to their society.  This was mainly due to the eladrin, because when Prince Tovar asked them who their king was.  They have a king now along with eight baronies, each barony acting as a state that works for the betterment of the whole.  They have knighthoods and orders and guilds, very much in opposition to what Tulath has.  Danaan is about the people.

The other cities, the capitols of the Baronies are as follows:
  • The Barony of Crosstaal, ruled by House danGael.  The current Baroness of Vorra danGeal.  They stand at Harro’s Wall to the South.
  • The Barony of Eastaare, ruled by House danEvan.  The current Baron is Distan danEvan and his wife Jhass.  They are on the Eastern shores and have developed into great sailors
  • The Barony of Holdingford, ruled by House danAven.  The current Baron is a man named Coaran danAven and his wife Hylise.  The danAven family are in the center of the kingdom and are the richest family.
  • The Barony of Kassingtonne, ruled by House danHanno.  The current Baron is Martin danHanno and his wife Sera.  The developer of the first airships.
  • The Barony of Leavestonne, ruled by house danRahn.  The current Baroness in Kanna danRahn and her wife Tully.  A full 60% of the food for the Kingdom is grown here. 
  • The Barony of Maarke, ruled by house danTaere.  The current Baron is a widower named Kemmon danTaere.  The Colleges of Danaan are located in this Barony.
  • The Barony of Stormtonne, ruled by House danTaven.  The current Baron is Aylen danTaven and he is married to Beyissa of Hanali.  This is the first union of man and eladrin and they are the emissaries between the two kingdoms.
  • The Barony of Torringtonne, ruled by House danKavel.  The current Baroness is Syval danKavel and her husband Forret.  They have the active space program of the Kingdom of Danaan.
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