Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rules of Eave: Spartan Blooded

I was trying to write up on the Order of the Thorn, the Kingdom of Danaan's spy network.  I gave up after three tries and worked on the Spartans some more instead.  Let me know what you think.  Have fun...

Extra: Tulathian Spartan Training
Permission: Must be Tulathian, a member of the Spartan Blooded race, must be willing to serve in the Tulathian military
Costs: Skills
The Spartan Training extra is a skill that encompasses all manner of weaponry and hand to hand combat.  A Tulathian Spartan may use this skill in place of any combat skill they would use, from Fight or Shoot.  They may also use it in place of any tactics role that they can make to gain some sort of tactical advantage due to their schooling.

Tulathian Spartan of the Third Spartan Elite Guard
Concept: The best of the best in service to the Empire
Aspects: Nothing Can Stop Us; We Are Death Personified; In the Blood and In the Flesh We are Steel
Skills: Tulathian Spartan Training +5, Spartan Blooded +4, Provoke +4, Operate +3, Will +3, Athletics +3, Contact +2, Notice +2, Pilot +2 and Stealth +2.  These are the common skills that they have.

The Third Spartan Elite Guard is only currently twenty in number.  They are led by an old and grizzled Spartan named Janus, the Primus of the Third Spartan Elite Guard.  They are equipped with all manner of artifacts, from the Giant Series Mecha Suits, PPL5 Particle Pulse Laser Rifles and the absolutely hideous Heavy Scribble Laser, nicknamed the “Finger of God”.  They are the elites of the elite and the only ones better than they are the First Spartan Elite Guard.

They have a lot of Spartan Blooded folks running around.  They only reason that they do not have more of the Spartans in such powerful equipment is that they do not have that many artifacts around anymore.  The Tech-Priests already do wonders in keeping them armored and repaired.      

Tulathian Spartan
Concept: a proud warrior in service to the Empire
Aspects: It is in the Blood; Honor Our Fallen Dead; Strike Fast and Strike Hard
Skills: Tulathian Spartan Training +4, Spartan Blooded +3, Provoke +3, Will +2, Notice +2, Athletics +2 and Stealth +1 are common skills that they would have.

This is a common Tulathian Spartan.  He may or may not be trained in Operate, to wear a mecha-suit.  They are trained with everything from a knife to the newest heavy weapons available.

Now those Spartan Blooded of Danaan origin do not have access to the incredible brutal training that the Tulath gives their Spartan Blooded.  In Danaan it is rare to be Spartan Blooded except in places such as the Baronies of Crosstaal and Leavestonne where the major families of danGael, Chan and Kray reside.  Of course, the genes of the Spartan Blooded are strong and every once in a while a woman will give birth to someone that they would call Spartan Blooded anywhere in the Northern Kingdoms.  Most Spartan Blooded people find work in the military, constabulary or some such work that their great size will be a boon.