Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rules of Eave: Spartans and the eugenically engineered humans of Tulath

Generally, Spartans are huge people.  The tallest one ever recorded was 239cm (about seven-eight).  He was an anomaly and most of the Spartans are about 214cm (around seven feet).  They reach maturity around the age of fourteen and are usually sent to a Tulathian academy specifically to train Tulathian Spartans.  Tulathian Spartans are trained in all manner of combat from knife to energy weapons and a quarter are killed in the training.  The Third Spartan Elite Guard number only twenty and are equipped with all manner of artifact weapons and armor.  They are the terrors of any battlefield and when they are called to a battlefield, it always ends very badly for the opposing force.  Even the eladrin are very wary of Spartans on the battlefield.

In order to maintain their numbers, the Tulathians with Spartan blood have been given special orders to only mate with other Spartans.  In fact, childbirth is a serious business and Tulath is equal to or exceeds the medical knowledge of Danaan.  Female Spartans that show up on the field are rare and are those that do so can no longer bear children or they have already borne a child.  A female Spartan are still trained if they so desire, so a Spartan is still formidable regardless of gender.  Spartans usually die young due to their profession that most likely take.

They are those that do not claim Spartan blood by have some of it in their genetic makeup.  Indeed, all of the Tulathians born on Eave are the product of eugenic engineering and some who even have a Spartan way back when.  Children born in Tulath with birth defects of any kind are euthanized.  (I know it is hard to say, but those are the facts of eugenics).

Extra: Spartan Blooded
Permission: Have at least a +2 Physique to claim that you have the genetically engineered super soldiers in your genetic makeup.
Costs: Refreshes
You gain an additional -2 Mild Consequence and can spend a Fate Point to cancel the effects of any poison or disease that ravages your body as your body’s immune system in put to work to put an end to it.

Extra: Tulathian Spartan Training
Permission: Have the Spartan Blooded feature and must be Tulathian
Costs: Skills
The Spartan Training extra is a skill that encompasses all manner of weaponry and hand to hand combat.  A Tulathian Spartan may use this skill in place of any combat skill they would use, from Fight or Shoot.  They may also use it in place of any tactics role that they can make to gain some sort of tactical advantage.

[Please leave a comment if you may.  This is the first time I am making extras and I would like to have some constructive criticism.  Note that the Spartans are meant to be kings of the battlefield.]