Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rules of Eave: Spartans and Eladrin

Hmm, I am using the optional races from the Fate Toolkit.  The eladrin are just the elves listed in the toolkit.  From there I have redesigned the Spartan Blooded into a racial ability.  Hope this works.  Leave comments below!

Race: Eladrin
The Experience of Centuries, ”I Know These Woods.”, The Long Game, Magic in the Blood, Perfection in Everything.
Racial Skill: Eladrin
You may use the Eladrin skill to recognize useful flora and fauna, know your way through the woods, or notice hidden dangers. In addition, pick one of the following flavors; you may pick more at the cost of one stunt or refresh each.
  • Elven High Magic: You can use Eladrin to cast spells relating to nature or growth, even if you have no other magical ability.
  • Perfection in Battle: Choose Shoot or Fight. When you’re using the traditional armaments of your people, you can use Eladrin instead of the chosen skill.

Race: Spartan Blooded
It is in the Blood, For the Empire (or the Kingdom), Killing Machine, Proud Warrior
Racial Skill: Spartan Blooded
You are one of the Spartans, having enough blood in your line to claim Spartan heritage.  You stand above others, a giant.  You may use the racial skill Spartan Blooded instead of Physique to determine your physical stress and consequences, and you get one additional minor physical consequence..  You may choose the following the cost of one stunt or refresh each.
  • Frightening Presence: you may use your Spartan Blooded skill in place of Provoke.
  • Paragon Immune System: You may spend a fate point to cancel the effects of a poison or a disease effect that is affecting you.