Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fesitvals of Eave

(Photo by Ron Lutz II [Darter the Chronicler])
Light of Civilization festival dying down.

The Years. The current calender counts the years since the fall of Nerath. The year is currently 107.

Martch (31 days)
• First day of the new year. The Knowing is a holy day to Ioun, where Ioun’s followers make predictions for the new year.
• First day of spring.

Apri (30 days)
• During the Vernal Equinox. It is a high holy day of Corellon. Magic fairs are common at this time.

May (31 days)
Day of Thunder is holy day dedicated to Kord. A feast with friends, not family are common to on this day to strengthen the bonds of friendship.

Jun (30 days)
• First day of summer
Dragon Feast. This festival commemorates the defeat of Tiamat by Bahamut. A holy day for Bahamut.

Juy (31 days)
• Summer Solstice. A holy day to Pelor. A grand feast is held and gifts are given. It is a day of forgiveness. Some cultures mark this day as an anti-Zehir day.

Argust (31 days)
The Raze is a holy day devoted to Gruumsh. A structure built in the from of a giant man with a sacrifice or two (or more!) are placed within and burned.
• The last day of summer and the first day of autumn are holy days of Avandra to commemorate the changing of the seasons. The Changing is a common time for people to make pacts and renew contracts.

Septar (30 days)
• First day of autumn
Light of Civilization is a festival dedicated to Erathis. A night market is common but lights of the whole community are lit to stave off the dark of chaos and barbarism.

Oktobar (31 days)
Festival of Masks. The first full moon of the month is when this festival to Sehanine takes place. For the three days before the full moon all those who wish to take part, do so by wearing masks, and it ends on night of the full moon. It is said that if you kiss someone on the that night, that they will be yours if they take off their mask to show you who they are. It is a time for lovers.
• Autumnal Equinox.

Novem (30 days)
Harvest Festival. The bringing in of the harvest is a common holiday among rural farmers but is gaining popularity among the city dwellers.

Decem (31 days)
• First day of winter
• A three day festival is the Festival of the Makers dedicated to Moradin. People tend to hang out with family and exchange gifts that they have made (if they can).

Januar (31 days)
• During the Winter Solstice is a a Holy Day to the Raven Queen. Snow Wake, as this time is called, all but one light is extinguished in a household. Stories are told around the fire of those who passed that year. The fire is kept alive though out the night and used to relight everything come morning when the sun comes up.
• The Winter Solstice also a holy day of Zehir, the Longest Night is when they hunt for a sacrifice and slay it before the sun comes up.

Febur (28 days)
Day of Chains. This festival commemorates the victory of the Gods over the Primordials. If they have snow, great beasts are made out of snow and allowed to melt with the coming spring.

Interim Day (1 day)
• A day that belongs to no month, the Interim Day happens every four years. Many tribes use this day as a time to renew alliances.

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