Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Heralds

The Loremaster (pic by ildi on deviantArt)

The Heralds (of Moonsilver)
Goal: a small coalition of bards and messengers who work in the Moonsilver area.
Size: Small
Alignment: Unaligned
History: The Heralds are an ancient order, originally formed during the heyday of the Empire of Nerath.
Leadership: a small council made up of Everlai Mistwarder (human female), Heyolin of the Sun (eladrin male), Corste Riverstrong (halfling male) and Mear of the Night’s Loving Void (tiefling male). The true power is the being known as the Loremaster (dwarf male). He is a truly ancient being who works on cataloging the incredible store of knowledge that have collected.
Headquarters: They are headquartered in Moonsilver. The Herald’s Hall is a small, unassuming building but underneath is a large underground vault.
Membership Requirements: By invitation only. They generally take their candidates from the bardic college of Moonsilver.
Structure: Heralds work separately, but can count on any Herald nearby for aid.
Activities: The Heralds mainly operate as messengers, but they also act in secret to catalog world events that they come across. They have on file much of the what has been happening since the fall of Nerath.
Enemies: Their main enemy is the Imperial Heralds of Rothsburg. Like them, the Imperial Heralds are an offshoot of the ancient Nerathian Heralds.

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