Monday, March 1, 2010

Game World: Moonstair

A view of Moonstair

The Barony of Therund is a small autonomous, point of light ruled by Pernod Therund (human male). The Barony consist of three cities: Therund (population 8000) the capitol, Rathmore (population 3500) and Moonstair (population 2000); and four villages with populations from 300-800.

Built among the ruins of the troll kingdom of Vardar, the town of Moonstair is a trade outpost that lies at the confluence of two rivers. The town’s most renowned feature is the Moon Door, a portal to the feywild the opens when the moon is full and the sky is clear.
Population: 2000
Government: The Lord Mayor is Kelana Dhoram (half-elf female). Her leadership is based on strategies of trade and not warfare.
Defense: The town watch numbers some 100 men and woman; and are led by Bax (dragonborn male), a friend of Etheran, the late son of the Baron Pernod. The Lions of Mitra, the military arm of the church numbers 50 well trained warriors.
Inns: Cloudwatch Inn run by Cham (halfling male) is the oldest inn in Moonstair. Two more have opened up: the Troll’s Rest and the Coffer, to handle the increased traffic.
Taverns: Troll Vomit is a rocking place thanks to the strong drink. Vardar, named for the ancient troll kingdom, has many artifacts of the ancient kindgom
The Lion’s House: the temple of Mitra with Bahamut and Pelor. The Bishop is Dethos (human male), a former slave to Skalmad, the troll king.
The Moon Door: Sehanine with Melora and Avandra.


  1. "And with the might of 10000 prayers from 10000 supplicant voices, the Golden General did send down it's champions. Upon the Backs of Eagles, golden feathered, basked in light, deliverance was given to Moonstair."
    --The rebirth of Mitra, Sumotai 3:16

  2. "The evil, in it's greed for lives and gold, forgot that light finds its way into every shadowed corner. Upon the keep of the Troll King did light shine, and with it the vexation of a wrathful god! And fire begat light, and darkness was purged from Moonstair."
    --The rebirth of Mitra, Daniel 2:10

  3. When many think back to the turning point in the creeping tide of evil, it invariably comes back to the battle at the walls of Moonstair. "Them Warriors of the Sun seemed to float upon the air, and leapt over heights mortals could not attain. I think the Sun God moved his pawns upon strings of etheral energies...or thems Goliaths are part grasshopper."