Monday, March 1, 2010

Game World: Moonstair

A view of Moonstair

The Barony of Therund is a small autonomous, point of light ruled by Pernod Therund (human male). The Barony consist of three cities: Therund (population 8000) the capitol, Rathmore (population 3500) and Moonstair (population 2000); and four villages with populations from 300-800.

Built among the ruins of the troll kingdom of Vardar, the town of Moonstair is a trade outpost that lies at the confluence of two rivers. The town’s most renowned feature is the Moon Door, a portal to the feywild the opens when the moon is full and the sky is clear.
Population: 2000
Government: The Lord Mayor is Kelana Dhoram (half-elf female). Her leadership is based on strategies of trade and not warfare.
Defense: The town watch numbers some 100 men and woman; and are led by Bax (dragonborn male), a friend of Etheran, the late son of the Baron Pernod. The Lions of Mitra, the military arm of the church numbers 50 well trained warriors.
Inns: Cloudwatch Inn run by Cham (halfling male) is the oldest inn in Moonstair. Two more have opened up: the Troll’s Rest and the Coffer, to handle the increased traffic.
Taverns: Troll Vomit is a rocking place thanks to the strong drink. Vardar, named for the ancient troll kingdom, has many artifacts of the ancient kindgom
The Lion’s House: the temple of Mitra with Bahamut and Pelor. The Bishop is Dethos (human male), a former slave to Skalmad, the troll king.
The Moon Door: Sehanine with Melora and Avandra.