Friday, March 13, 2015

The World of Eave: Moonsilver

Moonsilver was a small town that lied among the Sea of Morning.  It grew into a great city of great beauty and artistic endeavors.  Then the great catastrophe happened and the great earthquakes shattered the world.  Even though the earthquake happened hundreds of miles away along the now Shattered Coast it basically devastated the Eavelan and Neferani Continents.  For centuries it barely survived as much of the city lie in ruins.  It was not until the formation of Nerath Empire that Moonsilver finally started to bloom again.

One of the many natural wonders that happened however was the formation of many of the earth motes that now float above the canyon that now makes up the city.  When the Sea of Morning sunk during the great earthquake, it left the earth motes there, floating there.  When Nearth came into powers all those centuries ago, Moonsilver started to regain much of the beauty it had.  It was in that point that a young priestess to Sehanine came into her own.  Suli Bryghton was a young priestess of Sehanine at the time Nerath was beginning to come into power.  Not much is known about her early life save for a couple of things.  She became a great champion of the people for one.  Two, she was never seen without her mask that she always wore.  In fact she never showed even a glimpse of her flesh.  There were stories and myths about that point alone.  She was there when the first stone was placed upon an earth mote for the Spires of the Moon, the temple to Sehanine alone.  She was there when she Red Dragon Vaulthemox was rampaging through the lands.  Suli was there when the frost giants of the Ironroot Mountains raided the lands.  She was named the High Diplomat of Nerath for her works in keeping the peace, even traveling to Imperial Chael'lut'theas, the main drow city on the Eavelan Continent to help them beat off an incursion from the Far Realms.   Suli was there for over three hundred years before she died in the fighting that hallmarked the end of Nerath some twenty years later.  Many of the priests and priestesses wear masks to honor her.  New Moons which wear no masks.  Crescent Moons which are a metal bands that frame the eyes and face.  Half-Moons which are eye masks.  Gibbous Moon that are masks that go down to the lips.  Full Moons which are the full face masks like that Suli wore.  Only the High Priest(ess) is allowed to where the Full Moon mask.

But you see, Suli is not dead, but secretly works behind the scenes.  Even after all these years, Suli is the power behind the throne.  While Kometsu Moonhair is the high priestess of the temple and Lord Severan Thunderhand is the mayor of the city, Suli is given free rein to do what must be done.  A hundred fifty odd years ago, she saw spiral that Nerath was going down in flames, she faked her own death.  In the hundred and fifty years she has worked tirelessly as she ever did when she was 'alive'.  Suli was   The reason she did not show her flesh was the fact that Suli parentage was rather suspect but no matter how she looked she was special to Sehanine.  Sehanine saw the coming chaos and charged Suli to watch over her temple and her people.

The current High Priestess of Kometsu Moonhair, an elven beauty in her own right.  She has been the High Priestess for the last fifty odd years.  She is one the few handful who now who Suli is as she was there when she died all those years go.  She was a neophyte cleric in the church at the time and Suli has watched over her all these years.  That is something that Suli does over the years, taken in people and watched over them.  Margo Trapman was a young lady who lived with her father in the underdark city if Ironfang.  When her father died, Suli took in the young girl and raised her as her own.  While not a devout worshipper of Sehanine, Margo is one of the top agents of Umbra.  Then there is Elomyria, the Sage of Moonsilver.  Elomyria is an adult silver dragon who is on the verge of being ancient.  She is a devout worshipper of Sehanine and one of Suli's closest friends.  She has known Suli for four-hundred years and they have seen each other though many ups and downs.  Elomyria is different from the other silver dragons, being smarter and more wise.  She has used the intelligence to outsmart her foes on more than one occasion.  She often takes the form of a beautiful woman of with pale flesh and dark hair with a tail and sweeping horns which curl up under her ears.  She almost looks like a pale tiefling.  She is known as the Sage of Moonsilver and she has been known to give advice and dispense sage wisdom.  Often she can be seen flying on the nights of the full moon with rider on her back.  It is one of the few times that Suli goes without her mask as they go to greet the full moon.

The City of Moonsilver is bisected by the Streel River that cuts deep into the earth.  Mighty magicks of the time of empires have left earth motes, huge rocks that remain flying throughout Moonsilver.  The largest on houses the Spires of the Moon and it lays some two-hundred feet above the Sea of Morning.  There are many bridges and few teleporters that go from mote to mote.  Some of the other notable building that lie upon the motes are inns Cock 'n Dagger and Sehanine's Rest.  As for taverns there is The Flying Swallow, The Dancing Maiden and The Bard StopThe Rookery is a home to a temple to the Raven Queen.  All in all there are over a hundred  motes that can house a city block to those small enough to house a small team of soldiers and a siege weapon such as a ballista or catapult.  Those not big enough to carry people aloft are often festooned with colorful pennants and banners. 

The Darvan Coaster in one of the oldest trade houses around.  They have representatives all over the eastern part of the Sea of Morning.   However, they are being seriously threatened by Vorkaan Trade House.  The Darvan Coaster is run by Avercoss Darvan, the great-great-grandson of the Darvan founder.  He is a handsome man of human and elven descent and is married to Sira Naikel of the Moonsword.  Sira is not her name but her title as part of the famed Knights of the Moon.  A half-elf woman, she was just named the Lady Commander of the unit which numbers 127.  They are brave men and woman of a variety of different classes that stand for justice in a chaotic world.  The Knights Hall is placed upon a mote that floats close to the Spires of the Moon and has a solid bridge that keeps it tethered to the south end.  The Vorkaan Trade House is a new comer to the western shores of the sea having dominated the rest of the Sea of Morning.  While the Darvan Coaster as only a handful of the flying ships, the Vorkaan Trade House has five times as many flying ships.  The docks for the flying ships are located on Relkifar's Point, a rocky promenade on the north shore of Moonsilver above the main docks for the seaborn ships.  Darvan Coaster retains its favored status in Moonsilver.

Beside the Knights of the Moon, Moonsilver does have an eclectic defense force and possess quite a few number of troops.  It is made up of small sea navy, as well as a sky navy.  Its ground army does not contain that many troops but what is lacks in number it makes up for the wide types of troops peppered with arcane casters and acolyte of Sehanine.  All and all the number of ground troops they have is barely a thousand.  The city guard numbers some five-hundred souls.  The person in charge of the armed forces is a man named Akelnan Ullar, an older, silver haired gentleman who is soon retiring.  Bokendur Ironhammer, a dwarf and his second in command is thought to be the logical successor. 

Other temples are the Halls of Knowledge (Ioun and Corellon), the House of Change (Avandra ad Melora), and the Forges of Civilization (Moradin and Erathis).