Saturday, March 7, 2015

The World of Eave: Emaan Empire

The Emaan Empire is ruled by Wilsam damEmaan, a strong man who inherited the position form his ailing father.   A twenty-year old Wilsam spent the next twenty years to create the Emaan Empire as it is known today.  He solidified his power base and through a series of brilliant military moves he now controlled much of the southern part of the continent.  With his wife's sister, he instituted a campaign against the tieflings and dragonborn saying that they are the cause of the world today.  The fiendish nature of the tieflings and the avaricious nature of the dragonborn spurred his early war efforts.  He has consolidated much of his power base militarily and commercially, as his people are already tried of the all-consuming war.  They don’t shy away from it though, especially if they are holding off against their many enemies, tieflings and dragonborn.  Wilsam has four wives, eleven children and two grandchildren.  Dela neeEmberhall damEmaan is the head wife and has born him five of children.  She is powerful coming from the Emberhall family and is a veteran of the court.  She does not let her anger show but remembers every slight.  Her oldest child Resen damEmaan, fast coming up in the Emaan military.  Wives two and three are a pair of twins, Maska and Miska neeJunial damEmaan.  Maska and Miska come from a family of Krusadi that emigrated here some years ago.  Being the second generation that have been born in the Emaan Empire, they are still look exotic to the Emaan eyes, even though they are fully Emaani in culture.  They have five children between them.  They have caught the eye of the Wilsam for their father is a very rich merchant that plies the waters between the Empire and Krusad.  That, and they do everything together.  The fourth wife is barely out of her teens.  Santra Latani was born of simple parents but now holds the title of Fourth Empress.  She is young  and looks at the court with innocent eyes.  She has born the Emperor one daughter.  There is a story told at court that she looks like the spitting image of Wilsam's first love who was killed before he even became the Emperor.
Wilsam is very careful in his expansion of the Empire.  He is currently easing his way up both the east and west parts of the coast.  Currently he is using the problems caused by goblins moving in on Copperwood.  Copperwood is fast becoming a possible warzone between the Emaan Empire and the Moonsilver Alliance.  There are many among the Alliance that are saying the goblins are moving north because of the Empire plundering their lands.  All in all, the Empire has landed troops in Copperwood and the Alliance has shipped troops south to the beleaguered town.  They are both staring each other down while waiting for the goblins to travel across the river that makes the border on the southern end of the town.  Pol Hybreren the second in command of the army in in charge of the western expansion.  He is getting stymied by the growing presence of good aligned gods of Pelor, Bahamut and Mitra, forming a Theocracy of the Sun along the western coast.  Not only are they militarily strong they are commercially viable as they control the only ocean route from the Sea of Morning to the Adarac Ocean and The Shattered Coast of the Eavelan and Neferani ContinentsThe Emaan Straights is a thin strip of water that connects the two bodies of water and is the only way people can travel between them.  They heavily patrol and tax every ship that sails trough.  East Tont is one the northern end of the straights along the Sea of Morning and is a major seaport.  It lies at the foot of the mountain range that split during the great earthquake during the Arkhosia and Bael Turath wars.  Controlling this thin strip of water has made them incredibly wealthy.   Arch-Duchess Sylvanre Emberhall the most powerful person in the Empire besides the Emperor because she controls the Emaan Straights among other things such as the propaganda against the dragonborn and tieflings.  The empire's exchequer is a dwarf named Joll Mardugal.  An older dwarf he oversees the wealth of the empire down to the nearest copper which is quite considerable.
There are churches to just about every god and goddess in the empire.  Erathis is the major deity of the empire bringing about her laws and civilization.  Bane is the second most popular god, especially among soldiers.  The Cult of Asmodeus is popular among the young aristocracy as it deals with domination and who better to dominate than the young, jaded and rich.  People are rich but it will soon become more of a disparity as the rich become richer and the poor becomes poorer.  Luckily this is still generations away but it will come if things do not change.  The current leaders of the Cult are the Arch-Duchess Emberhall's two oldest children.  Nonus and Riya Emberhall are both young and jaded and delight in showing off their power.
The Emaan Empire is a major stronghold of Nerath’s past and a strong contender to rebirth the ancient and glorious past.  Unfortunately, they see many of the "lesser" races as flawed, causing the downfall of the previous Empire of Nerath.  Elves are alright for many have fled Courvale and settled in the shores of Lake Myren in the Rashbuk Forest.  Halfings are fine, as are dwarves.  They have taken in many dwarven refugees from Khorag'dum when they have lost the city due to infestation of orcs and other darker foes nearly a hundred years ago.  Many dwarves work for the Imperial Foundries and their work is found all throughout the Empire.  Halflings control much of the lands that forms the breadbasket of the Empire, though some of them are beginning to question the Empire's policies.  Many of them just go along with the flow of things.  

They despise the dragonborn and tieflings.  They see them as carriers of the curse that led to the destruction of their respective empires.  Tieflings especially so because of the huge legions of slave-warriors that they used all those centuries before.  Slavery of non-human races is allowed as long as they are tieflings or dragonborn.  Slavery is a common punishment for crimes.  While tieflings and dragonborn are slaves for life if caught within the Empire, other people sentenced to slavery have to serve time before they are released.  Slavery is akin to a contract and many people who enter slavery for a short time leave with some sort of trade.  In fact many of them needing some work are often hired after their term is up.  They may serve as common laborers or they may serve in dangerous occupation witch will halve the time of their sentence.  The Auxiliary Legions is one posting.  They are usually the first to engage the enemy.  Though they suffer incredible casualties, many of the veterans continue to serve after their terms are finished, either continuing in the Auxiliary or with a more respectable unit.  Tiefling and dragonborn slaves are sent to the most menial of labor.  There are more tiefling than dragonborn slaves here as the heart of Bael Turath was in the north.  The halfling and many of the dwarves (being more pragmatic) go along with this propaganda against the dragonborn and tieflings.  There are some elves however because of their longer lifespans don’t believe in this targeted slavery.  They are more likely to help than hinder any slave attempting to free themselves.