Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The World of Eave: Bliss

Bliss is the name of a town on the southern continent, but Bliss isnt the name of town as it once was known as Cavador.  It is west of the Emaan Straights so it is held under the sway of The Empire.  It is not under Empire control as of yet.  The bay is hard to get into with any sort of ship larger than a typical sailing ship and most have to anchor beyond the reefs to be somewhat safe.  Besides the reefs, the Bay of Paradise is filled with many of the jagged ruins of Cavador that make up the northern part of the town.  As the story goes, the city was under siege from Bael Turath, the Tiefling Empire when a great calamity struck.  A massive earthquake tumbled the great keep and sunk most of the city of Cavador.  The dragonborn of Arkhosia were easy pickings to the tattered remains of the tiefling hordes. 

Bliss is anything but bliss.  Hot and muggy, the air is filled with insects that bite and sting.  But it is somewhat protected by sea and land.  The guards are generally corrupt and the people who make their living here are on their last legs.  They are either pirates, thieves and other lowlifes who have nowhere else to go.  It is a lawless town save for the fact that it is run by a boss that controls the remains of Cavador KeepY'rok Vorke is an ugly human, a former pirate whose days of wanton bloodlust are over when he lost his left arm at the elbow in a gruesome battle.  He is much more sneaky about it nowadays, especially with the variety of attachments that come along with his new hand, his favorite is a large mace.  With control of the keep, he has the high ground over the town and the port.  Y'rok also controls the all the long barges that go out and unload the ships and brings their cargo into the bay.  As the only bay for hundreds of miles along the jagged Tanno Coast (thanks to the same earthquake that destroyed ancient Cavador), it makes Bliss the strongest and one of the only ports along the coast.

Bliss is wild and overgrown, much of it is still in ruins that lie sunken and buried since the days of Cavador.  The parts of the city that still appear above ground are what has been coopted by Bliss.  Some of the towers and buildings that were over two stories tall that have are under use by the citizen of Bliss have been cleared and the digging has started to reclaim the lost treasures of Cavador.  One of the largest towers, Moy's House, that remains belongs to Madame Moy.  A massive ogrillion, she stands eight feet tall and very buxom and dresses in the most colorful "dresses".  Smarter than you average ogre she soon became the local madame by bringing in all the prostitutes under her thumb.  All whores who work in Bliss, work for her organization.  She is not an ogre when it comes to business.  Moy is more than fair and often buys pretty slaves to set them free after they work off what they owe.  However there are two things you should not do.  One is cross her.  Despite her clownish nature is still an ogrillion and has been known to take things in her own hands.  The second one is don’t ever call her Madame Moo. 

The second business of note is a tavern called The Cursed Oyster.  The owner and main barkeep is an odd dwarf named Bartalmew the Cursed.  A dingy tavern that lies right along the docks and serves.  Bartalmew is the local contact for the thieves guild and besides a barkeep is a fence of great cunning.  The head of the local guild is Mager Rohj, a half-orc.  His guild is filled with the odd goblin and kobolds, but his number two (and lover!) is a halfling woman by the name of Kanoli, a thug who is worse than Mager and quite possibly meaner.  There are quite a few taverns and other gangs of thugs that run in Bliss.

There are many plantations that dot the lands close to Bliss, all built upon the backs of slave labor.  Natives, along with those captured aboard ships or traded with the slavers of Krusad all work the land under the harsh and brutal whips of their masters.  Hanloon of Krusad, is the local slaver who works for The Crimson Whip.  The Crimson Whip is a slaver concern and Hanloon controls over half of the slave trade in Bliss.  Krusad lies on the other side of the Tanno Jungle and the Lava Crown Mountains

There are people though, who live in Bliss actually make a living here, like the fisherfolk of the Fishertown.  They are hardworking people who live on the outskirts of Bliss.  The fisherfolk are rugged people of mainly human and halfling decent, who are a bit suspicious of outsiders.  Gar Carron is the defacto leader of the fisherfolk, is a tall but stout human who is a bit bugged eyed, as are most of the fisherfolk.

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