Sunday, August 10, 2014

Markan using the 5e PHB

Well, I have just got the new PHB for the 5e DnD game and I pretty much like it.  It is still missing something, that special thing that makes it "wow."  So I am going to make up my character Markan, using the 5e PHB, updated from the playtest version.

First we are going to start of the race.  Looking in the PHB, we can see that several things are changed from the playtest.  First thing is the stats.  His Ability Score Increase in the PHB says at the Charisma bonus goes from +1 to +2.  The playtest also stated that they gain a +1 to any stat but in the new PHB they gain two bonuses of +1 each.  So in Markan case I added another +1 to Charisma and I put the other +1 in Wisdom.  The changed low-light vision to darkvision.  While I liked low-light I can understand why they changed it just plain darkvision.  I will miss low-light however.  The last thing listed under race is the they are no longer have Keen Senses.  They now have Skill Versatility.  I kind of like having the extra skills.

The next thing we should look at is his background.  He had the Noble background.  He loses a skill.  The background just have two skills that are linked to it.  They have also lost Mounts (land), and only have one type of gaming set.  The feature that they have is Position of Privilege replacing Retainers.  However it is still listed as a Variant Feature.

Classes.  There are some big changes in classes.  I will go and list the changes for the wizard and the cleric.  The remainder I will do in a later posting.  Now the big thing that they have changed is how they prepare spells.  Their spellbook gains six 1st-level spells, at 1st-level and they may prepare their Intelligence modifier + your wizards level.  Big change.  Markan, as you can see, can see may study and have prepared to cast five 1st-level spells instead of two.  It works the same for cleric spells, using the Wisdom modifier.  Now the Multiclassing.  In the playtest, when you multiclass, you gained all the proficiencies including skills and tools and armor and weapons and saving throws.  You no longer do.  They have a special table in which it has listed all the proficiencies you can get.  For a cleric, they gain light armor, medium armor and shields.

Proficiencies now start at a +2 instead of a +1.  Not bad.

Now some changes in the spells that I gained.  Shield goes from +4 to +5.  Mighty good.  Thunderwave works as a cube instead of a cone.  Healing has gone down from the playtest.  Now, Cure Wounds only does a single d8 in addition to your spellcaster modifier.  Inflict Wounds does 3d10 now, instead of 3d8.  Shield of Faith is increased to +2.

Well, that does it.  Markan has lost some stuff but has gained other.  All and all it is not too bad.

Markan Almavai
Half-elf male
Cleric of Vandria 1/Mage 1
Noble of the House of Almavai, Barony of Celene.  First born of Wyrmslayer.
Five-nine, 155 pounds, black hair, green eyes, 28 years old

Str 11, Dex 14 (+2), Con 11, Int 18 (+4), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 14 (+2)
HP (1d6+1d8) 11
AC 16 or 18 with shield

Proficiencies +2              
  • Arcana, history, investigation, medicine, persuasion, religion
  • Gaming sets (playing cards)
  • Light, medium and heavy armor, shields
  • Daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaffs, light crossbows and all military weapons
  • Saving throws: intelligence, wisdom
  • Fey Ancestry: advantage on saving throws vs charm and immune to sleep
  • Darkvision
Noble: Position of Privlidege
Languages: common, elvish, +1

Spells per day: 3
  • Spellbook
  • Ritual casting
  • Arcane recovery (regain expended spell slot equal to half level round up).
  • DC 8 + int modifier (+4) + proficiency bonus (+2) [14]. 
Spellbook (* evocation spells)
  • Cantrips studied
    • Prestidigitation
    • Read magic
    • Shocking grasp* [dexterity save, 1d8 damage and no reactions until its next turn, disadvantage if wearing heavy armor]
  • First level
    • Alarm [ritual; twenty foot cube]
    • Detect magic [ritual; concentration, up to ten minutes]
    • Identify [ritual]
    • Magic missile [3 darts, 1d4+1 each, 100’ range, extra dart per level above 1st level]
    • Protection from evil [one action; touch; ten minutes; evil elementals, fey, fiends and undead, evil creatures get a disadvantage to strike, cannot be charmed, frightened or possessed and if already affected gets a new saving through with advantage]
    • Shield [reaction; +5 AC and immunity to magic missiles]
    • Thunderwave* [range fifteen feet in a fifteen foot cube; constitution save, 2d8 thunder damage and pushed ten feet away, on a successful save half damage and not pushed; unsecured items pushed ten feet way; additional 1d8 for every level beyond first]

Divine Casting
  • Ritual casting. 
  • DC 8 + wisdom modifier (+3) + proficiency bonus (+2) [13].
  • Warpriest: attack a second time once per round a number of times equal to wisdom modifier (+3).
  • Cantrips studied
    • Light
    • Spare the dying
    • Thaumaturgy
  • First level spells studied
    • Bless [3 creatures add 1d4 to attack and saving throws; concentration up to 1 minute]
    • Cure wounds [1d8+3; additional 1d8 per level above first]
    • Divine favor (domain) [bonus action; weapon does an additional 1d4 radiant damage; concentration up to 1 minute]
    • Guiding bolt [4d6 radiant damage; additional 1d6 per level above first]
    • Inflict wounds [3d10; additional 1d10 per level above first]
    • Shield of faith (domain) [bonus action; 60 feet range; +2 AC; concentration for up to ten minutes] 

Gear: spellbook, holy symbol, scalemail, shield, 3 daggers, warhammer [1d8, versatile 1d10], longbow [1d8, range 150/600] 20 arrows in a quiver, backpack, 10 days of rations, healer’s kit, mess kit, tinderbox, waterskin, 20 arrows packed, blanket, monies [38gp, 9sp, 6cp]

Other gear in chest stored in town at the St Cuthbert Temple: goblin spellbook [alarm, charm person, magic missile, hold person, blink, fireball], monies for the family [206gp, 9sp, 106cp], 131 arrows, my monies (25gp)

Signet ring and writ of nobility, want back!