Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gencon is over... can't wait for next year!

It is Tuesday, and I am back at, well home for the time being.  Whew!  Gencon was quite fun.  Now, I have moved from miniatures, which I ran for fifteen plus years and I am The Training Grounds, which we watch over the children, play with them and do arts and crafts.  I am planning on doing more.  Like a castle I am planning on building next year using hundred of boxes left over by the many exhibitors.

Pictures!  I have taken over a hundred photos.  I didnt get a chance to get everything I wanted to get picture wise.  I wish I got more of the costumes.

They had some good foodtrucks there this year.  Really liked Johnson's BBQ  and Little Eataly but there is one that I wanted to get to try but didnt get a chance to eat there.  I hope The Spice Box is there next year.

I got to see +Stephanie Bryant for a little bit to wish her a happy birthday.  She wont be going to Strategicon during Labor Day.  She said she will be there during President's Day.

Lets see... of course there is all of my family there.  Kevin told me about his new show on YouTube called Opinionated Monsters.  Looks pretty interesting, you should go over and check it out.  Tell him I say hello.  +Dana Renfrow is going to Japan as well in September.  I hope to meet him while he is there.  I met some new people like +Michael Benensky and his wife.  I met another couple and their two daughters who were dressed as a pair of tieflings.  They are the ones in my pictures.  I photobombed a couple of pictures and snuck away unseen!  muahaha!  And the Ottawa Red Shirts gave me some Quebec No. 1 Amber maple syrup!

There is a lot more that I probably forgot.  I got a bit tipsy on mainly sake one night.  It was strange because I have drank a bottle of sake before and didnt get drunk, but then I remember I am on medication as well and probably shouldnt mix them.  And there was the beer I had earlier.  And the reisling.  And the filtered sake.  I still had my mind to me, but I was a bit wobbly on my feet.

Well.  It was a good con and I cant wait until next year!