Tuesday, August 12, 2014

5e Gnome-in-a-Tank

A long time ago, back in the late 70's I was playing in my father's DnD game.  Let me give you a little background here.  My father had just gotten out of the army and settled in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, where he was going to school.  My father, though whatever greater good fortune fell into a group of young college students that had just gotten this new game called Dungeons & Dragons.  It all took off from there.  The games moved from the college to our large home.  There were games there just about every day when my father got back form work.  On Fridays that was when it got to be good.  The games would last from.  Friday until early Monday morning.  There were always people in the house and it was good, all to play this game, to study, to practice for many of them were in the SCA as well.  They're making chainmail as they waited for there their day.

One of the many encounters that we had a little gnome fighter.  He was built totally random manner.  He had wore platemail and had a potion of growth, among some others.  He eventually became to be known as the Gnome-in-a-Tank.  He became a fairly recurring character, always a little pissed off at everyone who was taller then him.  So here he is, The Gnome-in-a-Tank

Rock gnome male, fighter (champion) 3
Str 15, Dex 10, Con 15, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 13
HP (3d10+6) 28
AC 20 (platemail, shield)
Speed 25'
Languages: Common, Gnome
Gnome Traits: Darkvision, Gnome Cunning, Artificer's Lore, Tinker
Background: Soldier, Infantry (Military Rank)
Skills: Athletics, Intimidation, Insight, Perception
Tools: Dice set, Land Vehicles
Fighter Features: Fighting Style (Dueling), Second Wind, Action Surge, Improved Critical

Gear: platemail, shield, battleaxe, dagger, potion of healing, 2 potions of growth, dungeoneer's pack, light crossbow, quiver with 20 bolts, 114gp, 13ep, 2 garnets worth 50gp each

Potion of Growth acts as a enlarge spell with a duration of one minute.

  • Attacks are as follows: battleaxe +4 to hit, damage is 1d8+4.  Not much in the way to hit, but he was in a tank and should be hard to hit.
  • He was angry at all the taller people.  He could be a villain recruiting other gnomes, halfling and others.
  • Gnome Cunning is a great trait.  It will allows the gnome to gain advantage on all Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma saving throws against magic.  I will have to make a gnome just for the power!