Friday, November 20, 2009

Game World: Moonsilver

Moonsilver is a bustling port city. They have a small arcane college, and a bardic school.
Population: 35000 with as many as half who live with in 50 miles
Government: Moonsilver is for all purposes a theocracy devoted to Sehanine. The mayor is Lord Severn (human male), a devout worshiper of Sehanine. The High Priestess is Lady Kometsu (elf female), and she practically runs everything... if it wasn’t for Lady Suli Bryghton (tiefling female). She is the real power behind the prosperity of Moonsilver.
Defense: Moonsilver possess a variety of different troop types. They have a small navy, a few airships and an army made up of not just warriors but heavily peppered with arcane casters and Sehenine acolytes. The Knights of the Moon are champions known far and wide.
Inns: Cock ‘n Dagger, Sehanine’s Rest
Taverns: the Bard Stop, the Flying Swallow, the Dancing Maiden
Supplies: Darvan Coaster, Vorkaan Trade House
Trade: trade simply flourishes in Moonsilver.
The Spires of the Moon: Sehanine. It resides on the largest earthmote in Moonsilver. It hovers some four-hundred feet in the air and has a commanding view.
Halls of Knowledge: Ioun with Corellon, Erathis and Moradin
House of Change: Avandra with Melora
The Rookery: Raven Queen

Important People
• Suli Bryghton (tiefling female; cleric [Sehanine]): the secret power behind Moonsilver. While she is not the church lead, she has considerable power as she controls the Umbral Order, a secret society of Sehanine worshipers.
• Kometsu of the Moonhair (elf female; cleric [Sehanine]): the high priestess of the Spires of the Moon.
• Elsair Skysilver (eladrin male; avenger [Sehanine]): a member of the Umbral Order
• Severn Thunderhand (human male): a large man at 6'6" and a devout worshiper of Sehanine
• Left (human female; fighter): a giantess standing at 13' tall. Mean and she takes no guff. Suli’s bodyguard
• Margo Trapman (human female; rogue): a woman who has been with Suli since her teen age years. Though she is not a devout Sehanine worshiper she is one of the Umbral Order’s greatest agents
• Elomyria (elder silver dragon female): old beyond her years, Elomyria worships Sehanine and is a living repository of lore
• Adeni Vorkaan (adult steel dragon male): no one knows that there is a dragon in their midst. Adeni is a merchant prince
• Akelnan Ullar (human male): the leader of the armed forces of Moonsilver. He is an older man with years of experience. He is looking to retire soon
• Bokendur Ironhammer (dwarf male): Akelnan’s well chosen second in command
• Naikel of the Moonsword (half-elf female): the newly formed head of the Knights of the Moon
• Chavie Dren (human female): captain of the airship the Autumn Raptor, a small skiff mainly used in smuggling
• Borta (minotaur male): a mercenary down on his luck
• Tessi (human female): a smiple bathmaid who works at the Cock'n'Dagger
• Nardenalf Golem-master (human male): master of the arcane college of Moonsilver. Master maker of golems. Always has at least one in attendance.
• Ea-lai of the Song (teifling female): the master of the bardic college of Moonsilver

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