Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Game World: The Barony of Dancouris

Barony of Dancouris: to the north of Sennesti across the Iron Mountains. Two cities, Dancouris and Travus (a port city) and 6 villages make up the Barony.
• Temples: Bahamut (minor), Erathis (minor), Melora, Raven Queen ,Sehanine

Important People
• Tristanna Dancouris (human female; sorcerer): Ryn’s character.
• Aylen Dancouris (human male; bard): father, 40. Was known as the Shepherd
• Janner (halfling male; sorcerer): an old halfling who is your tutor. He was an adventuring member of Aylen’s
• Nathron Bloodtalon (dragonborn male): captain of the guard. Many dragonborn in the guard
• Keri Dancouris (human female): mother, dead, died in childbirth with Tristanna. She was a skilled sorceress
• Sylen Skysilver-Dancouris (elf female): stepmother, 68 years old
• Andar Skysilver (elf male): stepbrother, 28, missing
• Keylan Skysilver-Dancouris (elf female): stepsister, 17
• Varis Skysilver-Dancouris (half-elf male): half-brother, newborn
• Immeral Skysilver (eladrin male): Sylen’s adopted father
• Rachi Skysilver (eladrin female; invoker [Sehanine]): Sylen’s adopted mother. A former adventuring member of Aylen’s
• Zanna (gnome female): Sylen’s handmaiden
• Beyissa (elf female): Tristanna’s guard
• Mika (human female): Tristanna’s guard
• Drokkar (dwarf male; cleric [Erathis]): a former adventuring member of Aylen’s. Semi retired to the church of Erathis
• Hogar (half-orc male; ranger): a big man with a spreading middle. Uncle Hogar is one of Aylen’s oldest friends and adventuring member. An aged half-orc. Retired to the castle
• Corwyn (human male; fighter): the youngest member of Aylen’s old adventuring company. A practical joker. Not retired but what he does it a mystery
• Chant (tiefling female): was one of your mothers best friends. She promised your mother she would watch over you. She was with you for the first 14 years and then she left. She comes into town every once in a while and you always welcome your Aunt Chant. She always seems to make it on your birthday.
• Hygal (adult copper dragon): a copper dragon who flys in the air above the barony. He doesnt attack anyone and his motives are unclear
• Myase (human female): a human merchant of some truly arcane and obscene items. But she always has the goods!
• Ellai (human female): maid

What has gone before
• Tristanna was born to Aylen when he was quite young.
• Keri, Tristanna’s mother died in childbirth. It practically devastated the man. He did the best he could however.
• Tris, as he calls her, grew up with the best, even though it was at the time a small barony. She had the best tutors available.
• The castle was being built. It was finished only some time this year. It took over 13 years to complete. Dancouris population as more than tripled during that time.
• Aylen had to spend a lot of time clearing his lands when she was a child. It all came to an end when she was about 11 years old when he defeated a dread necromancer Menhold. You and he spent much time together afterwards. You grew up looking a lot like your mother.
• When she was 18, her father met Sylen, they were married when she was 21.
• 22 is when they start the story

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