Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Hex" Bender

(Picture by JackSilver on deviantART)

Kaihexime “Hex” Bender
Human female. 21 years (looks 16). 5 foot even, 100 pounds. Long black hair in braids and blue eyes

Dexterity 2D+2
• Blasters- blaster pistols 3D+2
• Melee combat- blunt objects 3D+2
Knowledge 3D
• Streetwise- Karazak Slaver Cooperative 4D
• Value- black market good 4D
Mechanical 4D
• Starship shields 5D
Perception 2D+1
• Bargin- black market goods 3D+1
• Persuasion- seduction 4D+1
Strength 2D
Technical 4D

• Blaster repair- baster pistols 5D
• Computer progamming/repair 5D
• Droid repair 5D
• Space transport repair 5D
• Starship weapon repair- laser cannon 5D

• Large spanner (strength +1D)
• Blaster pistol (3D+1)
• Tools
• Duct tape
• Goggles
• Kesseline, a voorpak

Background: Kaihexime “Hex” Bender grew up on a Borlaz, and was technically bent for as long as she could remember. But her parents died in a freak accident, when an asteroid struck their ship. Herself and Lorli, her twi’lek mentor/nanny were the only ones left alive. They were there for a week when they were rescued, but they were rescued by a group of Karazak slavers. She was 14 years old.

Lorli was taken and sold immediately. She was sold about a week later to Sorla Vynne, a wealthy crime boss. Being fourteen, but looking only nine had an appeal to woman. She gave Hex all the tech work she could want but expected from her a level of “commitment”, that Hex also had to provide. She served her in and out of bedroom for five years before she was killed by a rival. At nineteen, but looking so much younger, she was the target for her new master’s advances. A zabrack named Cheloz.

She could not stand the man who gave her the nickname “Sexy Hexy”, and subjected her to all manner of sexual cruelty. Hex hated the man and began plotting her escape. He dismissed her technical abilities and this gave Hex, her chance to escape. She has been an escaped slave for several months now. She has a chance to buy a Borlaz, the ship of her childhood.

She has her large spanner, a blaster pistol, a few tools, her disabled slave collar, a voorpak named Kesseline and a jumpsuit that is too big for her, that she has cinched up with duct tape.

• Hides food and water all around the ship
• Has a thing for twi’leks. The thing is, because she was raised by Lolri, she has learned how to wait it out. She very twi’lek like in that reguard. She didn’t mind Sorla that much because of her time with Lorli
• Likes making small droids
• Sleeps in odd places on board the ship
• Wears goggles strapped to her head
• She grew up to be a knockout, though she hides her body by wearing her jumpsuit

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