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Emily Crowe

Power level 10 (Abilities 40 + Skills 19 (76 Ranks) + Feats 27 + Powers 47 + Combat 8 + Saves 13 – Drawbacks 4 = 150pp)
Tradeoffs: none
Real Name: Emily O’Connell. Crowe is the name given to her by the PRA.
Affiliations and Allegiances: none. Avatar of Morrigan
Height: 5'2" Weight: 110 Hair: black Eyes: blue Complexion: fair
Appearance: a scrawny young lady, short and thin. She is 19 years old. She has celtic tattoos that encircle both of her arms and legs that go into her torso, as well as her forehead where she has the tatoo of the three-forms. She dresses in a simple black or white dresses with thick boots. Her hair is usually unbound. She is tall and proud, despite her height, almost regal.

Str 22 (+6) Dex 20 (+5) Con 22 (+6) Int 12 (+1) Wis 12 (+1) Cha 12 (+1)
Fort save (+3) +9 Ref save (+2) +7 Will save (+8) +9

Skills: Acrobatics 6 (+11), Bluff 4 (+5), Climb 4 (+10), Computers 3 (+4), Drive 3 (+8), Investigation 4 (+5), Knowledge [Arcane Lore] 11 (+12), Knowledge [Civics] 7 (+8), Knowledge [Popular Culture] 4 (+5), Knowledge [Theology & Philosophy] 2 (+3), Intimidate 15 (+16), Notice 4 (+5), Profession [Chef] 4 (+5), Stealth 4 (+9)
Languages: Ancient Celtic, English

Feats: Attack focus (melee) 8, Dodge Focus 8, Equipment 2, Fearless, Improved Initiative 1, Luck 1, Takedown Attack 1, Toughness 4, Uncanny Dodge (hearing)

• Device 4 (Limited to One Weapon – Gae Bolg; Strike 4 (Extra: Auto-Fire, Penetrating; Power Feats: Affect Insubstantial 2, Improved Critical 3, Mighty, Extended Reach, Thrown) Restricted – Morrigan only; 14pp)
• Flight 2 (4pp)
• Sonic Control 8 (Extra: Area – Cone [+1]; Flaw: Range –Touch [-1]; Alternate Powers: Strike 8 (Extra: Area – Cone), Emotion Control 10 (Extra: Burst Area; Flaw: Range – Touch, Sense Dependent – Hearing); 18pp)
• Super Strength 5 (feat: Bracing; 11pp)

Equipment: cell phone [1ep], motorcycle [str 19, speed 5, defense 10, toughness 8; 9ep]

Combat (base attack +2, base defense +2)
Initiative: +9
Attacks: unarmed +10 melee (+6 damage), Gae Bolg +10 melee (+10 damage, autofire, crit 17-20), grapple +21
Defense: +10 aware, +1 flatfooted
Toughness: +10 aware

Drawbacks: Holding Back [Berserk, Major; 4pp]

Emily's sensation of falling doesn't last for very long, she feels grass under her feet and her vision clears revealing a grassy hill with a collection of ancient standing stones at the top. They look like famous pictures of Stonehedge, but with the sun setting behind the hill it makes the entire place glow as though it were on fire.

"I know dis place..." Emily says in wonder, spinning to take in the whole view. Slowly but sure the sun begins going down darkening the entire area. For a moment you wonder if your eyes will adjust, but then she sees a faint glowing coming from the top of the hill. She walks to the top, almost as if she is drawn to the place. As Emily walks through the standing stones her eyes are instantly drawn to the stone laying down in the center, driven into it is a long ornate metal spear seemingly made of strange red metal. It glows faintly as if it drew in the last of the sun's rays. At the same time she hears a grunt and sees movement from one of the nearby stones.

She spins to face the grunting sound, taking up a fighting pose. "Who is dere!" she growls.

Chained to the stone is a familar figure, a tall woman with dark skin and flowing dark red hair framing intense black eyes. She's nude expect for a pair of steel bracers and a belt. She grunts, because she appears chained to the standing stone. Wrapped so tight she cannot move.

"I know ye..." she says as she creeps closer, tilting her head to match hers. "Why... why are ye bound so tight?"

She growls in anger. "You should know! You're the one who did it! I pour my power into you and you cast me aside when you don't need me!"

Emily scrunches her face in thought. "I did... didnt I. When I invoked yer name ye were chained here. But why?"

"Because you made it clear you didn't want me anymore. When you fought off my influence you bound the part of me that was a part of you here, which is nearly one third my power." She struggled and frowned slumping a bit in exhaustion.

"Who told ye I didnt want ye any more? Ye were the one who took over me mind, me body." She breathes hard, gulping in air. "All I wanted was a bit of peace, but ye kept screaming in me head! WHAT DO YE WANT!!"

“Where do you get off little girl! I did what I was supposed to! I gave you my power, just a little at first, but the first time you get in a jam you BEG ME for more! I give it to you, because I liked you! I even let you have your mind back, but suddenly you start treating me like an uninvited guest!!!" She roars pulling against those chains in fury.

"I dont remember. I dont remember!" She changes her topic. "McCoy said ye were kind. Ye tell me ye gave me my mind back. But did ya give me my memories? Did ye give me back my sense of self?"

"You had the backbone to do this to me, I think I gave you back who you were." She yells, but tears are streaming down her face.

She goes up to her standing real close to the chained woman. "I have come to face that I will never know. I accept that. We are one in da same..." she reaches around and hugs her, hugs Morrigan.

Emily hears footsteps come up behind her and she spins to take up a defensive stance between. On either side are of the center stone with its spear is a woman who looks in her 40's wearing a long dress, and a stooped elderly woman clutching a walking stick for the briefest moment Emily notices a resemblance between them and Morrigan, and then it dawns on her it is more than a mere resemblance.

"Hello... are ye here ta talk too?"

"We're hear to talk to you two," the younger of the pair said. "You see, the celts were very fond of goddesses with three aspects. One of youth and battle, another of fertility and motherhood, and a final one that represents the wisdom and magic of old age." She nods to her elderly companion. "So in a way we're all Morrigan, and we thought you may need some help understanding what happened to you."

She glances back at Morrigan chained. "I think I would like that very much."

The Elderly Morrigan stepped forward and rapped her walking stick on the ground. "Ye were a normal girl before this all began." Smoke rose up from the ground and Emily saw an image of herself only slightly younger a teenager, walking down the street with a book bag over her shoulder. "Ye were head strong, and proud, and unafraid to start a fight. Our youngest aspect loved you immediately so she gave ye powers of grand strength and stamina."

"She loved me..." she glanced back Morrigan. "A bit too well it seems."

"Well our sister never does anything halfway." The motherly Morrigan responded with a wry smile. The Elderly one waved a hand. "Ye used our sister's gifts, first for fun, then to help the weak. Then a handsome stranger came calling." The image in the smoke changed to a tall attractive man with platinum blonde hair wearing an expensive suit. He told you at the time his name was Alexander, but you know him now as Iskander."

"Aye, he is a member of tha Pantheon. What does he 'ave ta do with it?"

"He declared that you, the one touched by our sister, were mighty enough to be his queen. Ye laughed at him, for his blind arrogance. He lashed out... and destroyed your home vowing to... kill you and everything ye loved for the insult to his pride." The image changed of a burning House, Emily leading a collection of people, presumably her family, to safety.

She just stands there, mouth agape... "did he... did he ki..." she cannot finish the word.

"No, ye got them to safety, one at a time, you traveled the United Kingdom in secret, hiding them while he stalked you like a sadistic hunter. When they were all safe... he finally caught up with you." Her face twists in fear, afraid of what she will say next. "You were no match for him. He brutually beat you for the fun of it. Finally when he threatened your family again you pleaded for anyone to help you. Our sister, already connected to you, heard your prayers and she flooded your body with her power without a second thought. You and our sister essentially became one person." The image changed to one of Emily, taller, covered in celtic tattoos, floating a foot off of the ground clenching a spear facing down Iskander still in his suit. Emily drops to her knees, openly crying. "The fight leveled the forest you were in and caused lights in the sky that were seen miles upon miles away. Finally you and this Iskander struck one another with deadly accurate attacks. Ye fell to the Earth, injured and he flew off to find safety. Our sister, I believe she really did love you, because she left you when she didn't need to." The motherly Morrigan interjected. "I don't think she realized what she had done to yer memories. She was just being headstrong, acting without thinking."

She looks up at Morrigan. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I did this to ye." She clutches her leg and cries. "Ye could of told me of the situation... I would have understood."

The Morrigan chained to the stone cried openly. "I thought you remembered, and that you were turning on me after I'd saved your life."

Emily cried in despair. "No... I could not remember. Oh dear goddess what have I done!"

The Motherly Morrigan smiled softly. "Free her Emily, I think that you've solved your differences."

"I would never turn away from ye. We are one in da same." She steadily gets up and tears at the chains with her hands, frantically like a child at Christmas. Not doing it she turns, and runs to the spear and the spear comes free easily in Emily's hands and she feels a strength in it. She suddenly sees flashes of a tall, handsome man holding it tightly. Him fighting, bleeding, and finally tying himself to a standing stone to stay upright as his life leaves his body. See turns to face Morrigan, a look of anger, a look of love, upon her face. "We are one fer now and forever. And together we have a score to settle with Iskander." She plunges the spear between the links of the chain and they part, like butter under a hot knife.
Morrigan flexes shattering the chains as soon as it was struck by the spear. She stood standing proudly and looked down at the spear frowning. The Motherly Morrigan smiled warmly. "That spear belonged to a man we loved and he beat one of us fairly and we grew to respect and love him from afar. When he died we started to visit here to remember him."

"I remember. He was one of great strength and showed great sacrifice," she said as she looked down at the spear, standing next to Morrigan. "So it begins here again. How will it end?"

The youngest Morrigan, the naked one smiled wide. "I don't know, but however it ends ye and I will go into it fighting together." She glanced to the spear. "Take that with ye, it'll come in handy."

"Aye... that it will," she hugs Morrigan and kisses her tenderly. "Together my sister? for I do not want to be so parted ever again."

"We'll do it together." She wrapped her arms around Emily. The elderly Morrigan cleared her throat. "Before you too go shake da pillars of heavens I think I should fix our sister's mistake." With that the old lady lifted her walking stick, and smacked Emily upside the head with it. Suddenly all the memories of her life came flooding back all of it. The three Morrigans were right personality-wise Emily was much the same, but now she remembered her friends, ex-boyfriends, her home, and her family, the O'Connell family.

"It was not needed but ye have me thanks. Iffin we survive this, I will go ta see them." Emily looks worried, “are they safe?"

The elderly Morrigan smiled, missing many many teeth. "Aye that was the idea. You make sure you live through this." Feeling warm with new power and the knowledge of her family including the knowledge that they were indeed safe somewhere.

* * *
This is the final incarnation of Emily, in MDSnowman's Paragons game. It was very good! We got the major bad guy in the end. Emily is currently partnered with Alex (who is a paragon of Athena) and they are happily busting skulls in New York City.

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