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Lady Vai

(Art by Shilin located on deviatArt)

Lady Vai

PL: 9 (140pp)

Abilities: Str: 10 (+0) Dex: 10 (+0) Con: 10 (+0) Int: 18 (+4) Wis: 18 (+4) Cha: 20 (+5)

Skills: Bluff 8 (+13 / +17), Concentration 10 (+14), Diplomacy 8 (+13 / +17), Gather Information 8 (+13), Intimidate 3 (+8) Knowledge [Arcane lore] 13 (+17), Knowledge [Civics] 4 (+8), Knowledge [Theology & Philosophy] 8 (+12), Notice 6 (+10), Perform [Singing] 4 (+9), Sense Motive 8 (+12), Languages (Sidhe, Ancient, Troll, Orcish; Base: Common)

Feats: Artificer, Attack specialization [Magic] (4), Attractive, Connected, Contacts, Dedicated, Dodge Focus (6), Fascinate [Bluff, Diplomacy], Luck, Masterplan, Ritualist, Second Chance [Mind control], Trance, Well-Informed

Feature 1 (Long-lived; 1pp)
Flight 3 (50mph; 6pp)
Mystic shield 10 (Force Field; 10pp)
Sorcery 10 [Mystic Blast; Extras: Auto-fire x2 [+2], Learned Caster [+1]; Flaw: Side Effect [Fatigue, Always Occurs] [–2]; Power Feats: Affects Insubstantial [2], Alternate Powers [8]; 40pp]
• Dispel Magic 9 (Nullify Magic; Extras: Burst Area, Duration [Concentration], Learned Caster; Flaws: Range [Touch] [-1], Side Effect [Fatigue, Always Occurs] [-2])
• Glamour 5 (Illusion (All Senses); Extras: Selective Attack, Learned Caster; Flaws: Phantasm, Side Effect [Fatigue, Always Occurs])
• Mystic Blast 9 [Extras: Area [Burst], Selective Attack, Learned Caster; Flaws: Side Effect [Fatigue, Always Occurs]; Feats: Affects Insubstantial [2])
• Mystic binding 9 (Snare; Extras: Area [Burst], Selective Attack, Learned Caster; Flaws: Side Effect [Fatigue, Always Occurs];Feats: Reversible, Tether)
• Telekinesis 9 (Extras: Damaging, Range [Perception], Learned Caster; Flaws: Side Effect [Fatigue, Always Occurs]; Feats: Precise, Subtle)
• Teleport 10 (Extras: Accurate, Learned Caster; Flaws: Short Range, Side Effect [Fatigue, Always Occurs]; Feats: Easy, Progression [3], Turnabout)
• Obscure 10 (Visual; Extras: Learned Caster; Flaws: Side Effect [Fatigue, Always Occurs]; Feats: Selective]
• Scrying 10 (ESP (All Senses); Extras: Learned Caster; Flaws: Side Effect [Fatigue, Always Occurs]; Feats: Subtle [2])
Super-senses 1 (Detect Magic; 1pp)

Combat: Attack +0 (+8 w/ Magic) [Unarmed +0, Mystic Blast +8] Defense 18 (11 flat-footed) Init +0

Saves: Toughness +10 (+10 flat-footed) Fortitude +6 Reflex +4 Will +10

Drawbacks: power loss (unable to cast when cannot speak or gesture; 4pp), weakness (contact with iron; -1 charisma/20 minutes; 4pp)

Abilities 26 + Skills 21 + Feats 23 + Powers 58 + Combat 4 + Saves 16 - Drawbacks 8 = 140pp

Complications: Enemy (The Red Knight Conspiracy), Fame (Unattached Noble), Obsession (Get back what was hers), Hatred (Rapists)

Real Name: Her Grace the Lady Anistyrnia Tamareign Elanna d’Ansarove Vai, Grand Duchess of Alba, Baroness of Chalice, Bishop of the Grand Temple of Saint Heliosse, High Sister of Church of Great Dawn, Bearer of the Sacred Jewel of Kyy’saar, Scion of Saint Heliosse, Eighth in line for the High Throne of Limberry, Knight Errant of the Holy Knights of Limberry, Apprentice to Master Taeden, etc al.
Appearance: at 26, Lady Vai is an accomplished woman of incredible beauty. She has pale, white hair that hangs to her ass is cut to her neck. Ice blue eyes that bore into you. A pale complexion, like that of alabaster.
Height: 5'4" Weight: 120 Hair: white Eyes: blue Complexion: pale

History: Lady Vai was a powerful noble as well as a priestess of the faith. She was the darling of courts of Limberry and adamant about her faith due to the fact she was a powerful magic-user, taught personally by Master Taeden, a sihde of incredible power. With pure white hair and ice blue eyes she was a beauty to behold, all at the tender age of twenty-six. Noble, courtier, a church bishop and heir to one of the most important family in Limberry. Her direct family is dead, but she has many uncles, aunts and cousins. She was courted by many powerful nobles and priests but her interests turned to the fairer sex, in which she was rather dominant, but that did not stop the number of “romantic” conquests. All of this made her rather superior and domineering in the way in which she dealt with people and was her downfall.

One day she was continuing her studies and was in the Librus Colletum. It was an old library that she had just heard about and within there were a wondrous variety of tomes and scrolls. The librarian at first would not let her in, but she used her status as a bishop, bulling her way into the library. While studying, she came across a particular passage. “And to with Taija did the Red Knight stand and did battle with her enemies.”

This was a totally alien concept and when she went to the librarian. He said to wait while he went to go get another book. He returned with a squad of White Knights and they attempted to arrest her as a heretic. Confused, she fought back and ended up destroying a good part of the library in the process.

She was sentenced as a heretic, without a trial. Her titles stripped, her magic cut in half, her friends failed, her lovers lost, her grand plans for the future now worth for nothing, she was sent to the prison for the rest of her life. Vai prayed on her way the Ghenna prison. She prayed for understanding. She prayed for salvation.

Lady Vai is human, though there is something strange about her. Her father died when she was six years old. She does not remember him that much except for the fact he was a tall man with dark hair. Her mother she remembers very well, for she died well after her sixteenth birthday. She had dark hair also, so Vai finds it odd that her hair is stark white, like the driven snow.
This is because of her real father, a sidhe, who had white hair. One of her middle names, Tamareign is his name, though she does not know this. This also explains her sihde qualities.

She has three uncles and an aunt on her father’s side and a single aunt on her mother’s side.
• Brendar, the new Duke of Alba, with Vai out of the way and unmarried, he luxuriates in his new position and does not lament his niece’s predicament.
• Jessaline, the middle daughter, is devious and power hungry, she plots against Brendar for his position.
• Davis, a member of the Holy Knights of Limberry. He is surprised that Lady Vai was declared a heretic, though has little feeling upon the matter.
• Conrad, the youngest with little to nothing to inherit, joined the clergy. He is a simple priest and happy where he is.
• Kylan d’Ansarove Kell. She is the widowed aunt on her mother’s side. She is Vai’s most favored relative and they share much in the way same likes and dislikes. She is a minor baroness. Kylan is worried about her niece but is powerless to stop anything. Kylan knows who and what Vai’s father is, the only other person who knows and has kept it secret for a long time.

Lady Vai has many cousins.
• Kessiline is Kylan’s daughter and they get along famously. She is worried about Vai.
• Brenan is Brendar’s son and like his father likes what happened to Vai.
• This is only a small smattering of possible cousins.

As one can see, her family is rather diverse. Her father’s side is rather cutthroat and her mother’s side rather caring. She is willing to do anything to get what is hers. Anything.

* * *
Another character I play in MDSnowmans game. Part 2: the Court of Blood is the next part.

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