Monday, April 21, 2014

Online Gaming

I have closed up my DnD game because of my mothers death and though it seems that I have plenty of time to do games, I really dont.  I have been living with my brother and his family since last November and I am still walking a bit on eggshells.  I know that he and his wife have told me to make myself at home but I cannot really.

But back to the games.

I have been experimenting with online roleplaying for a little bit.  I am involved with several play-by-post games, I have gotten into +Wil Hutton 's Tribe 8 Game and of course there is my game with the ever lovely +Rynyn that has gotten nearly six years of constant roleplaying.  But I want to do more.  Wil is using Roll20 Virtual Table and Tavern Keeper to somewhat good success.  So much so that I am willing to try it out.  Already I have used Tavern Keeper in several Play-by-Post games and one of them completely on it using the roleplay section.  It is a good tool to use because they have a wiki section along with a roleplay and a section for characters.

I have started several Tavern Keepers for my games that I would like to play.

  • My World of Eave to run my new DnD game.  +Christopher Jackson+Will Glenn+Jamie Vann+Steven Crawford+Steve J and others that are involved with my game, are you interested in trying to continue my game online?I know we have always talked about online gaming for a while now.
  • My Fate of Eave game which +Christopher Jackson and +Jamie Vann are in using the Fate Core system to create the world in which my story Rin's Tale takes place.  Hey you two guys, any time now!  I know you are married and have a girlfriend respectively, but come now!  I have given you PLENTY of time!
  • My Millennium Heroes game which is my Mutants and Masterminds game.  Just because.  Dont know if we shall play in the game, but I am putting in up here.
  • Rynyn's Tale which is different from Rin's Tale is the game that kinda started it all for me.  Hey +Rynyn , go to Japan with me!  Hehe!
So, look Tavern Keeper over.  I am slowly getting the information up, but it is getting there.