Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gods of Fourth Edition

Gods that are listed in the various books, along with there attended Exarchs. The ones with * are my own personal gods. This is ongoing and will be added to as more information comes to light.

The following was taken from the Points of Light setting located here: Points of Light

Most dwell in their Astral Dominions in the Astral Sea. At the height of the hierarchy are the Gods themselves. Under them are their Exarchs and Archangels.
* Avandra: The goddess of change, Avandra delights in freedom, trade, travel, adventure, and the frontier.
* Bahamut: Called the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut is the god of justice, protection, nobility, and honor.
* Bane: God of conquest and tyranny, and patron of goblins. (Originally called "Achra")
* Corellon: The god of spring, beauty, and the arts, and the patron of arcane magic and the fey.
* Erathis: The goddess of civilization and the muse of great invention, founder of cities, and author of laws.
* Gruumsh: The chaotic evil one-eyed god of destruction, and lord of marauding barbarian hordes.
* Ioun: The goddess of knowledge, skill, and prophecy.
* Kord: The storm god and the lord of battle, who revels in strength, battlefield prowess, and thunder.
* Lolth: The chaotic evil god of shadow, lies, and spiders, and patron of the drow.
* Melora: Goddess of the wilderness and the sea.
* Moradin: God of creation and patron of dwarves, artisans, and especially miners and smiths.
* Pelor: God of the sun and summer, he is the keeper of time.
* Raven Queen: Goddess of death, winter and fate, and patron to the shadar-kai. She was once mortal and ascended to godhood after death. Unlike other deities, she reigns from the Shadowfell rather than the Astral Sea.
* Sehanine: Goddess of the moon and autumn, and patron of trickery and illusions.
* Tharizdun: The chaotic evil god who created the Abyss, and is now chained in the prison plane Carceri.
* Tiamat: The evil goddess of wealth, greed, and envy, and patron of the chromatic dragons.
* Torog: The evil god of the Underdark, and patron of jailers and torturers.
* Vecna: The evil god of undead, necromancy, and secrets. He was once mortal and ascended to godhood after becoming a lich.
* Zehir: The evil god of snakes, darkness, poison, and assassins, and patron to the yuan-ti.

Lesser Divinities
Exarchs of the various Gods.
* Athearsauriv: The "Eye of Heaven" and exarch of Ioun, she was once a Mithril dragon and seer who grants visions to her with bewildering accuracy.
* Baghtru: Exarch of Gruumsh.
* Berronar Truesilver: Exarch and consort of Moradin.
* Clangeddin Silverbeard: Moradin's exarch and patron of dwarf warriors.
* Corona Lysildya: The eladrin mistress of Faen Vardya in Arvandor.
* Edarmirrik: Exarch of Erathis, and once a gluttonous gold dragon with a skill at managing underlings.
* Erevan Ilesere: the Fey Jester, and a member of the Seldarine.
* Fenmarel Mestarine: The Lone Wolf, and a member of the Seldarine.
* Irfeljuhar: An exarch of Tiamat who once served Vecna and is unparalleled at the creation of rituals.
* Kas: A former exarch of Vecna, who betrayed and dismembered the undead god.
* Krag-Ik: Known as "Eight-eye", a beholder turned exarch of Kord.
* Maglubiyet: Once the patron god of goblins, now he is merely an Exarch of Bane.
* Mornujhar: Tiamat's Black Exarch, representing the black dragons.
* Namissi: Tiamat's Blue Exarch, and the true power in the City of Brass.
* Nahua: The Glorious Feathered Emperor of the Cloud Court of he coatls.
* Niuria: An angel of secrets dedicated to Vecna.
* Sekolah: An aquatic exarch of Melora.
* Shevarash: Of the Black Bow, and a member of the Seldarine.
* Thurkearvaeri: An exarch of Bane called the "Nightdancer" who lives to incite war.
* Torzak Belgirn: The Soul forge of Moradin, who crafted the Rod of Law to defeat the Queen of Chaos.
* Vaprak: Exarch of Gruumsh.
* Vivexkepesk: Bahamut's exarch and champion, formerly a brass dragon.
* Vocar: "The Disobedient". A former exarch of Vecna, dwelling in Sigil.
* Xihue: Nahua's rival for Emperor of the Cloud Court, wh sees Nahua as a usurper.

Other Exarchs
My own creations.
* Mitra: the Golden General is an exarch of Bahamut and Pelor.
* Suless: Suless is an exarch of Zehir. She is the exarch of sex and perversion, patron of whores.