Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Escape from Hell

Interlude Two

fierna was atop the tower that overlooked the volcano that Abyimoch was built upon. The wind blew though her hair and would of her clothes if she was wearing any. The two hell hounds flanked her, sniffing around for a sign. Maqi flew up to land on the center statue of a devil. “See. It is just as I said it was.”

“flint,” she said as she as she passed by the spot he was in. “A favored of Kord, was an animal. Kagima, her screams of pain were delicious,” she said. “Hakan, so strong was he. Corsair,” she chortled to herself. “Nednolu tried to fight the inevitable. Tobias said he said he didn’t believe in a god, but he believed in me. Sabbatine was my favorite though. Another couple of years and she would have been mine,” she said as she backfisted a statue of a man who was missing his head. He split apart like he was a piece of rotten fruit.

She calmed herself. “Wersa!” she called out. “Get out here now!” she said. The statue that Maqi opened its eyes and started to move. Maqi flew off surprised. The large stone statue turned to fierna.

“What do you want?” the gravelly voiced devil asked as it towered over fierna. She smiled as she let it know what it had to do.


Tilgar was angry. A duergar, he stroked his braided beard complete with spine as the messenger told him the news. A shipment was stolen and all of the guards were killed. “I am sorry Tilgar,” the messenger swallowed hard.

“Go ask to see Quari and bring her here. If she argues with her, tell her it is me that wishes to see and I will meet her price.” The messenger breathed a sigh of relief and excused himself. Tilgar was a marvel of self control.

“What is next, Mikor?” he asked his chamberlain sitting back in his throne.

“The next thing we have is Jemla Alkurie, of the clan Alkurie.”

A ragged looking duergar woman comes forward leading a eladrin, wearing silks that you can see through. “Grettings Tilgar. I am Jemla Alkurie. I come baring gifts, so that he might favor the Alkurie in the coming season of trade and war."

Tilgar looked at the eladrin. She was nice but not beautiful, but on closer look, she had a variety of weird scars that circled her arms and legs and belly. It was interesting, he thought. The scars were in supernal and looked to be part of a ritual. He smiled. This was going to be interesting.


Clax, the messenger swallowed hard as he entered the carved cave, the home of Quari. He was nervous as he entered the hall of Quari. The wall were carved with bas relief of leering faces of all kinds.

“What do ya want,” he heard her say before he saw her. She was an old duergar, dressed in robes that marked her a priestess of Asmodeus.

Clax gulped loudly. “You are wanted Lady Quari, Tilgar has sent for you.”

Tilgar. The name stuck in her throat. She did not like him. “I care not to serve that slug. Go away lest I roast you in a pit,” she sneered.

“My lady. Tilgar said he would meet your price,” he added. She turned to him eyes alight.

“Meet my price you say. Are you sure that is what he said?” Clax just nodded nervously. Quari smiled as she blasted him with a pillar of flame and smoke until he was but a burnt cinder. She stepped to the edge of her threshold and poked her foot out. It did not crackle and burn. She took another step out and then another and another. She was free and she was going to make the most of it, even if she did have to serve Tilgar.


Escape from Hell
You escape from Hell! You have to escape! You must escape!
Major Quest: 4000xp each

Meet Suli
Minor Quest: 500xp each

Find out who betrayed you
Major Quest: 3000xp each