Thursday, June 17, 2010

Escape from Hell

In the forbidden tomes found in Ioun’s library, it started with a name, Grekorro the Light of Heaven. It all started with Grekorro, who was a charismatic human paladin of Bahamut and he led the Astral Companions. Well liked, he was a mighty force to be reckoned with. He held the favor of Bahamut and as well as most of the other gods, including Pelor, Moradin, Avandra and Erathis, just to name a few.

But power and favor could not save him as his astral clipper was found ravaged and the crew dead and Grekkoro was missing. There was evidence that infernal powers, devils, where involved. Enraged, the surviving companions put together an crusade. In a month ten thousand beings where called, in six months a quarter of a million beings where called and they marched on the gates of Hell itself.

It went well at first. You were part of a force that was to go in and prepare the way for the attackers. You were to kill high ranking devils, sabotage defenses and cause confusion behind the lines. You got all the way to Phlegethos, the fourth layer of Hell when it all fell apart.

You were captured, tortured and then petrified to be put on display for all to see.

Now, some two hundred and forty years later they find themselves coming out of petrification and in the bowels of Hell.

A little something for my characters. The first game is tomorrow!