Sunday, September 20, 2009

Game World: Mirehold

(pic by snowskadi on deviantArt)

Even with part of the city facing flooding, Mirehold is an important town. It occupies a strategic crossroads between the Empire of Rothsburg, the Barony of Dancouris and Moonsilver. The waterline is an important divsion and much of Mirehold that is controlled by the River Knives is built on pontoons.
Population: 850 with 500-1000 extras who are in the town on business or trade.
Government: the Lord Mayor Persi (halfling male) fights a battle with the River Knives. They pretty much each control half of the city.
Defense: there are 80 town guard, about 20 of them are on the River Knives payroll.
Inns: the Marsh Wren, the Dozing Dwarf
Taverns: the Pink Dragon, Iron Barley, Pond Scum. Pond Scum is a tavern built on a barge and is a River Knives hang out.
Supplies: Elo, is a drunk old halfling who is the best weaponsmith around... when he is not drunk. Darvan Coaster, Hesk’s Emporium
Trade: trade is an important factor in the survival of Mirehold.
The House of the Moon is a temple devoted to Sehanine. Lady Casteri (human female), is an older lady whose husband, a fellow adventurer, died a long time ago. Closely allied with Moonsilver. There are also shrines the Avandra and Corellon.
Temple of the Blood Hunt is a temple to Melora. Kron (elf male), is the temple lead. It is said once a month, on the new moon, he lead a few of his followers on a hunt...
• There is a small shrine to the Raven Queen, and a mysterious woman known only as Rell (human female) attends to it and to the cemetery. No one messes with her and they all give her a wide birth unless they need business with her.

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