Monday, September 22, 2014

Suli Bryghton for 5e

Suli is one of my favorite characters.  She was part of +Steve J game, one of the few games I actually got to play in.  Unfortunately I am in Japan at the moment and I dont have with me the only copy of the character and basically her henchmen, Left and Margo Trapman.  So, I am trying to recreate it from scratch.

One of Suli's greatest achievements was the slaying a red dragon, basically by herself.  I told the party that I had the dragon, a week before the game.  The rest of the players did not believe me as I had poured over my books and found something that could stop the rampaging beast.  The dragon swooped in and snatched Margo.  It knew that she had a rod of extinguishing and thought that poor little Margo was the greatest danger.  The next round I ended it.  A shivering touch spell from the Frostburn book and the dragon writhing on the ground.  Oh, I was flying as I had a travel domain and fly at the ready, if you were wondering how I caught it.

Her hit points are below average because I rolled for crap.  Now looking in the back we can see that they have given Seluné the Knowledge or Life domains.  Bah!  I am coming up with a specific Seluné domain spells which will be a combination of the Moon and Travel domains and take the knowledge domain, for know.   She was to be a mystic theurge, but since they dont have prestige classes anymore, I gave her one more level in cleric.

The picture below doesnt look look like Suli, but I like it.  The other girl in the picture looks like Margo.  Suli wears a full body suit everywhere she goes that does not allow a bit of flesh to be exposed.  Born of a drow matron, she is half-drow and half demon and was put into a womb of human slave to grow.  Her mothers are a drow matron and Marilith demon.  All of this was Steve's invention and it came out in the roleplay.  All I said is that her skin is as dark as coal that she looks like a demonic drow.  I thought it was a cool little hook to give her, make her unique.  She always wears a mask that bears her holy symbol of Seluné's eyes surrounded by seven stars, as seen below.

She is from the Elventree in the Moonsea area.  She has traveled to the underdark in the North and popped up about a hundred miles from Silverymoon.  Her and her party defeated the white dragon Ice Kite and brokered a deal with the White People and Ironfang.  They went to Silverymoon and she fell in love with the city as she brokered a deal with Silverymoon for the Dwarven queen of Ironfang.  She is now in s small town east of Erversult, in the Dragonmere where she fought and killed the red dragon.

Lorraine Schleter

Suli Bryghton, Seluné's New Moon, the Black Moon
Tiefling female, Cleric of Seluné 8 (Seluné), Bard (College of Valor) 4
Acolyte (Shelter the Faithful)
Personality: tolerant of other faiths and respect the worship of other gods.
Ideal: Charity.
Bond: ward of the temple.

Str 13 (+1), Dex 14 (+2), Con 12 (+1), Int 16 (+3), Wis 18 (+4), Cha 17 (+3)

HP 69 (12d8+12)
AC 20

Tiefling Traits
  • Darkvision, 60'
  • Hellish Resistance
  • Infernal Legacy.  Thaumaturgy cantrip.  Hellish rebuke and darkness once per day.  Use Charisma as the stat for spell casting.
  • Inspiring leader
  • Luck
  • War caster
Proficiency +4
  • Skills: Arcana (+11), History (+7), Insight (+12), Persuasion (+11), Religion (+11)
  • Languages: Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Elven, Infernal, Undercommon
  • Tools: drums, flute and lute.  Dragonchess, alchemist supplies, tailor's tools, navigator's tools and herbalism kit.
  • Armor: light and medium armor; shields
  • Weapons: simple and martial weapons
  • Saving throws: Wisdom and Charisma
Spells Slots: 4/3/3/3/2/1
Bard Features
  • Spellcasting.  Spell save DC 15.  Spell attack modifier +7.  Ritual caster.
  • Cantrips: dancing lights, mage hand, prestidigitation
  • First level: dissonant whispers, identify, sleep, unseen servant
  • Second level: detect thoughts, heat metal, invisibility
  • Bardic Inspiration
  • Jack of all Trades
  • Song of Rest
  • Expertise (insight and persuasion)
  • Combat inspriation
Cleric Features
  • Spellcasting.  Spell save DC 16.  Spell attack modifier +8.  Ritual caster.
  • Cantrips: light, mending, sacred flame, spare the dying
  • First level: cure wounds, faerie fire*, healing word, guiding bolt, longstrider*, shield of faith
  • Second level: hold person, lesser restoration, misty step*, moonbeam*, spiritual weapon
  • Third level: dispel magic, fly*, magic circle, revivify, sending*
  • Forth level: control water, dimension door*, divination*, stone shape
  • Blessing of Knowledge (arcana and religion)
  • Channel divinity twice per day: turn undead, knowledge of the ages, read thoughts
  • Potent spellcasting

Gear: Elven chainmail+1 shield with Seluné's symbol painted upon it, mask with Seluné's symbol etched upon it, Sword of the Moon, Mace of Seluné,  Hewards handy haversack, staff of healing, Oarstaff+1 short bow, Elhona's Quiver, Belt of the White People, Ironfang Ring, Matron's Hairpins, Skyship, Matron's Dagger, Rod of the Wyrmslayer, 2 scrolls of teleportation, 5 potions of healing

  • Trained in drums and flute.  Trained in alchemist supplies, tailor's tools, navigator's tools and herbalism kit.  Trained in dragonchess.  Has learned Abyssal and Undercommon.
  • Added the tailor's tools to the list.
  • Since they have discontinued the mithril chainmail for the moment, I will make do.  The Elven chainmail is just like the way it is represented in the playtest notes.  Save that it has been enchanted to +1 and weighs only 30 pounds.
  • Mace of Seluné is a +1 mace that when it scores a critical hit, the target is surrounded by shimmering motes of light that act as a faerie fire on the target for one minute.
  • Sword of the Moon is a +1 silver longsword that shines only at night with the phases of the moon.  It shines brightly with the full moon (equal to a torch) and not at all with the new moon.  When a lycanthrope is within 60' of the blade, it will burn brightly, brighter than a torch and it will deal an additional 1d8 of radiant damage upon them.
  • The Oarstaff is a special magical item that when combined with the Skyship, allows it to fly.  The Skyship is a 120' long, 30' wide and has two decks along with a fore and aft castle.  It can sail on the water, but when the Oarstaff is attached and used, it allows the ship to fly at a speed of 120'/round.
  • Belt of the White People is a woven belt that gives Suli +2 to Intimidate and Persuasion test when dealing with the White People, a tribe of barbarians who have allied themselves with the Dwarves of Ironfang.
  • Ironfang Ring is a gold ring that gives Suli a +4 Persuasion skill tests when dealing with dwarves of the Ironfang.  In addition it will give Suli a +2 Persuasion to tests made with other dwarves who recognize the ring.
  • Matron's Hairpins grants the wearer advantage on all Concentration tests.
  • Matron's Dagger.  This evil looking dagger has powerful enchantments placed upon it.  It has a +2 enchantment placed upon it and when it scores a critical hit upon an opponent webs will spit out of the blade and entangle him, Restraining the target until the beginning of the wielders next round.  Also, webs do not hinder the bearer of the blade at all as they slip away and off of them.
  • Rod of the Wyrmslayer is a special bronze scepter that gives the bearer a +2 to Persuasion tests when dealing with the people of the village that she saved from the red dragon.  It is embarrassing but I dont remember what they were called.  

Seluné Domain Spells
First: faerie fire, longstrider
Second: misty step, moonbeam
Third: fly, sending
Fourth: dimension door, divination
Fifth: geas, teleportation circle