Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Revenge of the Giants

I have started a while ago with the Revenge of the Giants and my players for the most part are enjoying it.  However, something was missing from 4e DnD.  While the game did a bang-up job in combat, I found that the role-play was missing.  I am not talking about the skill rolls for while it is good, it is still lacking.  It is something I am fixing!

* * * *
Now, you all have adventured with each other for quite a while, so you know each other and trust each other.  The City of Argent has grown quite a bit.  Amar, the High Priest of Mitra rule and Daniel the Damned leads the armies.  More and more people are moving to the city.  Merchants and refugee and others who have heard the call are coming and with them the undercurrents of society.  Thieves and other people of a less reputable nature are coming as well. 

1.       Do you have a family, siblings and the like?
2.       What is your over-reaching goal?  Do you have one?
3.       What is your secret for everybody has one?  Something you have not told anybody.
4.       Do you have a fear?