Friday, November 12, 2010

Umbral Order

More information on the Umbral Order.

Umbral Order
Other Names: Order of the Maiden’s Kiss, the Shadowed Ones, Blood and Shadows
Goal: A secret society of Sehanine worshipers.  They serve the goddess using trickery, guile and seduction to achieve their goals.  Based in Moonsilver, they are slowly growing in their secret influence.  They seek to stabilize the area, thwarting various evil plots.  Their major concern at the moment is the Empire of Rothsburg and their expansion into the area.
Size: Small but they operate in a large area, even on other planes.
Alignment: Good
History: formed about forty years ago by Suli Bryghton, the Order has been secretly influencing the area around Moonsilver.
Leadership: Suli Bryghton, a cleric of Sehanine, leads the Umbral Order and it is though her leadership the Order has done so well for being so young.
Headquarters: The Spires of the Moon located in Moonsilver, the main temple to Sehanine.  Meetings are held to whenever needed.
Membership Requirements: Are open by invitation only.  Most of them all worship Sehanine.
Structure: The Order operates independently or in small bands.
Activities: The Orders members are mainly spies and saboteurs.
Enemies: The Empire of Rothsburg is the major concern.  They are only now beginning to suspect that they are so infiltrated.  Things are going to get a lot more interesting for the Order in Rothsburg.  But, the Empire is not their only concern.  They have made enemies (and allies) among such folks such as the Imperial Drow of Cheal'lut'thelas, the Court of the Frost Giant King, several efreets Sultans from the City of Brass and The Black Brood.

Important People: some of the important personages of the Order.
  • Suli Brighton (tiefling female; cleric [Sehanine]): the secret power behind Moonsilver.  While she is not the church lead of the Spires of the Moon in Moonsilver, she has considerable power as she controls the Umbral Order.  It is not common knowledge that she is a tiefling as she is never seen without her mask and is always dressed in in such a way that she never shows flesh as it is as black as a drows.  Recently, she lost her right arm and had it replaced with a sliver, mithril and darkwood arm akin to that of a warforged.  Little do people know she is over two-hundred years old but looks like she is only thirty.
  • Margo Trapman (human female; rogue): a woman who has been with Suli since her teen age years.  Though she is not a devout Sehanine worshiper she is one of the Umbral Order’s greatest agents.
  • Elomyria (elder silver dragon female): old beyond her years, Elomyria worships Sehanine and is a living repository of lore.
  • Chavie Dren (human female): captain of the airship the Autumn Raptor, a small skiff mainly used in smuggling.
  • Elsair Skysilver (eladrin male; avenger [Sehanine]): a member of the Umbral Order.
  • Kometsu of the Moonhair (elf female; cleric [Sehanine]): the high priestess of the Spires of the Moon.
  • Corste Riverstrong (halfling male): Corste is part of the Council of the Heralds of Moonsilver.  He is also part of the Order.
  • Ean (teifling female): a member of the Order who is in Hell on a mission.